Longer cold this winter :Bicycle Motorcycle Neck Warmer Face Mask

For bicycle and motorcycle enthusiasts, cold winter can not stop their passion for cycling trip,That really need courage .But if there is a Bicycle neck warmer face mask., the more perfect journey.Today, I recommend a warmer bicycle motorcycle face mask from BoomDealer.com ,$8.99,free shipping.If you are interested you can go and take a look.

Its material is qualitative soft, wearing comfortable and the feel is good.

The lower the flannelette collar can be sealed, prevent wind into and good in keeping warm.
It’s suitable for motorcycles, electric cars, skiing, mountain climbing and other outdoor use extreme sports enthusiasts.

Usage as mask: It can be used as a mask in cold weather. It can keep face protected from cold wind. Widely used for cycling, outdoor sports, etc.

Usage as scarf: It can protect your head, mouth, chin, neck and ears from frostbite. Widely used in outdoors, hiking, skiing, biking

There are six colors to choose : Black,Pink,Red,Grey,Green,Purple.
It is a good Christmas gift ,too.
If you want to know more ,you can view Bicycle neck warmer face mask.

Reprinted from :http://danielboomdealer.blogspot.com/2013/12/longer-cold-this-winter-bicycle.html


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